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Floor Tiles

Whether you are seeking classic designs or modern stylish alternatives, our floor tiles offer elegance and sophistication in equal measure.


Wall Tiles

The vibrant colours and amazing range of designs make our wall tiles the perfect addition to your home.


Decor Tiles

Our decor tiles offer timeless classical designs as well as unique on-trend options.


Timber Tiles

Our huge range of realistic timber plank tiles will give your indoor or alfresco floor areas the warm natural appearance of timber without the ongoing maintenance required to keep real timber looking good.


Large Format Tiles

Nothing says sophistication the way a large format tile does. Giving your home or business a feel of luxury and opulence, our large format tiles are our pride and joy.



Tougher than real stone, our pavers are available in a range of stylish designs. These pavers do not require a concrete base for laying and can be used with any modern modular pedestal system.


Bathroom Tiles

Whether you are looking for a classical stone and marble designs or contemporary concrete, metallic and rustic prints, or maybe maintenance free timber look tiles, we have something for you.


Outdoor Tiles

Beneath their beautiful but durable surface, Kajaria’s outdoor tiles are incredibly strong, possessing high flexural and breaking strength.




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Kajaria Eternity Tiles

The Kajaria Eternity range of Glazed Vitrified Porcelain Tiles are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our huge range of extraordinary designs and the unique beauty of our tiles are the fruits of labour of our skilful and passionate team of European master-designers. Contemporary modern designs and age-old favourites, we have everything you need to create the look that you desire for any space in your home or workplace. Beneath the beautiful surface, Eternity Tiles are extraordinarily strong, possessing high flexural and breaking strength. With an exceedingly low porosity, our tiles are not effected by moisture and will prevent moisture from passing through. The unique Nano Polish and specialized glazes, ensures Kajaria tiles remain stain-proof, scratch-proof and abrasion-resistant meaning they will retain their beauty and magnificence for a long, long time

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